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Adresse: Stahlgruberring 5, 81829 München, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)89 42 09 62 67
Fax: +49 (0)89 42 09 62 01
E-Mail: schacht(at)
VivaScope® Systems
The entire imaging chain for derma-pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and skin cancer researchers.

Confocal Microscopy opens a “window into the skin” and provides you an in-vivo histology for skin analyses on a cellular level – in real time.

Innovative and Reliable
You can combine all VivaScope confocal microscopes, the flagship VivaScope1500, the handheld VivaScope3000, and the high-end fluorescence microscope VivaScope1500 Multilaser, with a fully automated whole-body documentation device and an HD dermoscopy camera (VivaCam®). All devices can be integrated together with viewer licenses into the user-friendly IT-environment VivaLan®, which allows easy archiving, storage and viewing of your images.
With this entire imaging solution you’re ready for reproducible, efficient, and reliable skin imaging in your daily work.

Training program
Users are provided with a free modular training program including introduction training, expert and online training, supplementary study material and educational books. More than 650 abstracts published up to now have been compiled on

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