EOC Surfactants Stand 107
Address: EOC Group, p/a IP De Bruwaan 12, B-9700 Oudenaarde
Tel.: +32 55 23 58 58
Fax: +32 55 23 58 59
E-mail: info(at)eocgroup.com
Website: www.eocgroup.com
EOC Surfactants is a member of the EOC Group, founded in 1948 and with headquarters in Oudenaarde, Belgium. EOC Surfactants has a broad experience within the European surfactants market. Our European production plants are located in Belgium, Italy and Portugal.
The main activity of EOC Surfactants is the production of mild high quality surface-active agents for foaming personal care products and liquid household formulations. Most of these ingredients are also used in various industrial applications. Furthermore, EOC Surfactants offers a range of additives enhancing the visual, physical or sensorial properties of detergent and personal care products.
Our product range covers betaines, amphoacetates, sulfosuccinates, alkanolamides, aminoxides, pearlising agents and opacifiers.

EOC Surfactants is a professional and flexible manufacturer with the full focus on the customer’s needs. Our own outstanding R&D Laboratory allows us to develop specific products for special requirements and to advice customers on new formulations.
EOC Surfactants products are subject to a rigorous and continuous quality control and are fully compliant with REACH regulations. 
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