Kahlwax GmbH und Co KG Stand 161
Address: Otto Hahn Strasse 2, D-22946 Trittau, Germany
Tel.: +49 4154 8431-48
Fax: +49 4154 8431-14
E-mail: m.schlueter(at)kahlwax.de
Website: www.kahlwax.de
KahlWax offers a whole array of certified Natural Waxes for the Cosmetics Industry that greatly support sustainability concepts

NEW Organic KahlWax 8138 bleached is a white, organic beeswax that is bleached in accordance with ECOCERT guidelines using exclusively physical – and not chemical – methods.

NEW KahlWax 6279L Myrica Cerifera Fruit Wax combines a low melting point with exceptional hardness. Due to its spicy, slightly balsamic scent it can also be used as a natural, vegan fragrance.

KahlYelly family is completed: All products are alternative nature based products compared to classical Petroleum Jellies

NEW Kahl VegoJelly 7036 Plus is a fully vegetable based product
NEW Kahl NaturalJelly 7235 fully based on natural materials, approved for cosmetic/pharmaceutical use
NEW Kahl OrganicJelly 7236 fully based on organic certified materials 
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