IOI Oleo GmbH Stand 255
Address: Herrengraben 30-31, 20459 Hamburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 40 280031 0
E-mail: personalcare(at)

The Malaysia-based IOI Group, one of the largest vegetable oil producers in the world, recently acquired the fine chemical production facilities from the CREMER Group. This acquisition means that the current business can continue to develop and grow, now under the umbrella of IOI.

While moving forward as IOI Oleo GmbH, the company will not be moving away from its existing brands already well known in the personal care market, including: IMWITOR®, MIGLYOL®, SOFTIGEN® and SOFTISAN®.

IOI Oleo GmbH is excited to start the journey with its new parent company – and at the same time remain a reliable supplier in the personal care industry.
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