Dr. Straetmans GmbH Stand 305
Address: Merkurring 90, 22143 Hamburg, Germany
Tel.: 040669356-0
Fax: 040669356-310
E-mail: info(at)dr-straetmans.de
Website: www.dr-straetmans.de
With almost 30 years of experience in preservation of cosmetics Dr. Straetmans developed alternative concepts which are known as dermosoft® multifunctional antimicrobials and employed in hundreds of products throughout the cosmetic industry. Most products are from natural, sustainable resources and are used in the main brands of certified natural cosmetics.
The dermofeel® range provides materials like PEG-free vegetable based emulsifiers and solubilisers, oil components, natural antioxidants, natural chelators as well as starch-derived conditioning agents.
Our raw materials and technical support open ways to manufacture state of the art cosmetics according to the latest trends in the market. Our application lab is continuously developing new formulations for cutting edge conventional or natural cosmetic products. 
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