Galactic Stand 351
Address: Allée de la Recherche, 4, 1070 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +322 332 14 00
Fax: +322 332 16 11
E-mail: sales(at)
Galactic offers innovative solutions for the home care and cosmetics industry.

Amongst its antimicrobial, cleaning, and descaling properties, lactic acid and its derivatives are some of the most natural, safe and cost-effective ingredients that home care producers can use. Our products deliver outstanding benefits in a variety of cleaning products and disinfectants, be it in home care, industrial or institutional applications.

Galactic also offers solutions to answer the rising demand for natural skincare. Our products feature properties such as anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, skin renewal, elasticity firmness, and anti-acne among others.

All our products are derived from renewable resources; they are biodegradable, safe and environmentally friendly: an ideal choice for those who are looking for efficiency combined with sustainability.
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