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PROVITAL is committed to developing innovative botanical active ingredients and botanical extracts for unique cosmetic concepts. They address all concerns of modern hair, skin and body applications, are easy to formulate and come with full technical and regulatory documentation. Own efficacy studies allow customers to achieve an outstanding positioning of final products in the market.

Environmental stress is a major concern of consumers and thus, Anti-Pollution concepts have become very popular. Provital offers solutions for hair and skin: Keracyn™ has a repairing and protecting effect against free radicals. It gives protection against lipid peroxidation and protein degradation. Keracyn™ has a cuticle smoothing effect for a well protected fiber.

Bio-Protect in contrast shields hair and skin from dangerous pollutant particles (PM2.5). Its active substances have a chelating effect and eliminate the toxic effects of heavy metals. Due to the presence of pectins they can also be easily removed from hair and skin. Hair looks clean and attractive, while skin tone is more unified. Bio-Protect restores the luminosity skin had 3 years before pollution aggression.

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