Ashland Stand 552
Address: Ashland Industries Deutschland GmbH,
Paul-Thomas-Str. 56, 40599 Duesseldorf, Germany
E-mail: personalcare(at)
Ashland offers expertise and insights into ingredient technologies that enable the home and personal care industries to launch novel products, improve formulation dynamics and solve long-standing formulation challenges. Specialists in the design and application of natural, synthetic, and semisynthetic polymers, Ashland supports its customers with superior performance outcomes in key areas of home and personal care.

Most recently, Ashland announced Solutions Destination, a science-based platform that consumer product companies may access to acquire novel solutions and to carry them to market to enhance consumers’ lives. Through Solutions Destination, Ashland offers the consumer product industries core scientific competency in the areas of bioavailability, texture/rheology and multi-functionality. Having introduced these scientific capabilities in April, Ashland now provides consumer product manufacturers the option to reach out to the company as a “one-stop-shop” to solve major industry challenges.

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