Italmatch Belgium Sprl Stand 553
Address: Pegasuslaan 5, B-1831 Diegem, Belgium
Tel.: +32 (0)2 709 2200; +49 (0)40 8321 0358
E-mail: sales.dequest(at)
Italmatch Chemicals S.p.A. is a leading global player in the field of phosphorous derivatives, special additives for plastics, flame retardants, lubricants, metal working fluids, water and oil management and detergents. The Dequest® business offers a broad range of high-quality additives including Dequest® phosphonates, Dequest® P acrylic / maleic based (co-) polymers, Dequest® PB bio-based polymers, Turpinal®, esterquats and special ready-to-use solutions used in a broad spectrum of markets and applications, including household & industrial detergents, household & industrial cleaners, textile auxiliaries, personal care, industrial water treatment, enhanced oil recovery operations and various industrial processes such as desalination and pulp & paper production. Customers around the world rely already for more than 50 years on our Dequest® product portfolio, which we continuously improve and expand to meet always the unique technical and marketing demands of our customers in the best possible way. Dequest® provides close partnership with customers supported by an innovative, dynamic and dedicated technical and commercial team and highly equipped R&D laboratories.;
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