Warwick Chemicals Stand 561
Adresse: Mostyn, Holywell, Flintshire, United Kindgom
Tel.: +44 1745 560 651
Fax: +44 1745 560 077
E-Mail: sales(at)warwickchem.com
Website: www.warwickchem.com

Warwick Chemicals is a manufacturer of speciality chemicals for the detergent industry and is the largest global manufacturer of the bleach activator Tetra Acetyl Ethlylene Diamine (TAED). TAED reacts in solution with a persalt, such as sodium percarbonate, to generate peracetic acid which is a highly effective low temperature bleach and broad spectrum biocide, In laundry detergents TAED use delivers effective bleachable stain removal, fabric and machine hygiene and helps keeps white fabric white over multicycle washes.

The second part of the business, Warwick Equest Limited, manufactures performance monitors to support the evaluation and development of detergent products within the Detergent Industry. New product development areas to aid in laundry detergent performance evaluation will be presented

As a leading supplier of performance monitors, Warwick Equest Limited compliments Warwick Chemicals with both divisions being vital in driving innovation within the Detergents industry.
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