Milliken Europe BVBA Stand 650
Address: Ham 18-24, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Tel.: +32 9 265 11 00
Fax: +32 9 265 11 95
E-mail: eurochem(at)
Combining science with design and market insights enables Milliken to tackle the issues and concerns of today. Every day, our community of innovators is invigorated by the challenge of creating new ways to enhance people’s lives.

We are the market leaders in Laundry and Home care, offering excellence to customers by identifying solutions that support both color stability and market trends, for example compaction, increased use of enzymes, perfumes and more.

Do you need a specific color for brand identity, functionality, aesthetic appeal, or product differentiation? Liquitint® polymeric colorants from Milliken Chemical are the perfect solution, providing a broad range of color options to enhance the value of your products. Non-Staining performance, combined with water-solubility and compatibility with most formulations, makes Liquitint® Colorants ideal for laundry products, household cleaners, institutional and industrial chemicals.

Wherever you are located, there is a Milliken Chemical associate nearby to assist you with your needs. In addition to our headquarters in South Carolina, we have customer support centers in Central America, South America, Europe (Belgium – Ghent), and Asia.

Phone + 3292651100
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