Safic-Alcan Deutschland GmbH Stand F47
Address: Wolfsheimer Straße 1, 55543 Bad Kreuznach, Germany
Tel.: +49 671-7946130
Fax: +49 671-4834524
E-mail: holger.plate(at)

Safic-Alcan is a worldwide operating Distributor with subsidiaries in more than 20 countries.

Safic-Alcan Deutschland GmbH – located in Bad Kreuznach – is active in different Industry segments. The Business Unit „Life Sciences“ represents the following suppliers for Personal Care Ingredients:

Amyris: Squalane and Hemisqualane produced by fermentation – the sustainable Squalane – the “silicone like” emollient Hemisqualane.

Bioland: Hyaluronic acid, Oligomeric Hyaluronic acid and many other active ingredients.

Coatex: Acrylate Thickeners with excellent Suspension Power, high Transparency even in acidic pH-values.

Eastman: Film forming Polymers and Adhesion promoters for Sunscreens, Hair Styling, Nail varnish and Sticks.

Herbarom: Essential Oils and Plant Extracts, partial certified organic.

Ichimaru Pharcos: Actives for any kind of cosmetic application.

INA/JNP: Specialty Waxes for Colour Care Cosmetics.

Longlive: Xylitol.

Oils of Aloha: Natural Oils from Hawaii.

Nusil: Silicon specialities, as well encapsulated for use in hydrophilic formulations.

Safic-Alcan Range: Active Ingredients and Rheology modifiers.

SIO: Hydrogenated oils / Vegetable waxes for thickening of oils and stabilization of sticks.

Stabilimento: Natural Caffeine.

Tessa/Tahai: Magnesium Myristate.

We would be glad to welcome you at our booth and we are looking forward to interesting discussions with you!
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