Olfasense GmbH Stand F14
Address: Fraunhoferstr. 13, 24118 Kiel, Germany
Tel.: +49 431 220 120
Fax: +49 431 220 1217
E-mail: pm(at)olfasense.com
Website: www.olfasense.com
Olfasense – Excellence in Odour Testing

As an accredited test laboratory, Olfasense conduct analyses, research and development in the fields of sampling, assessment and measurement of odours with a view to optimising your product both on the level of perception and costs.

The main focus of our activities is to evaluate the odorous properties of products and materials from a human sensory viewpoint. A range of standard techniques are used, and bespoke tests are commonly designed to fit your requirements. It is possible to evaluate the properties of solid materials, liquids, and gases.

Our capabilities include
  • Sensory analysis to determine parameters, such as odour concentration, odour intensity, hedonic tone and acceptance, as well as polarity and aromatic profiles
  • GC-MS, GC-IMS and GC Sniffing
  • Field research, using, for instance in-use tests and text message voting
  • Training & consulting in all odour matters concerning the measurement and assessment of odours
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