Libra Speciality Chemicals Ltd Stand 163
Adresse: Brinell Drive, Northbank Industrial Park, Manchester M44 5LF, UK
Tel.: +44 (0) 161 775 1888
Fax: +44 (0) 161 777 9109
E-Mail: sales(at)
Libra Speciality Chemicals Ltd manufactures and distributes a wide range of speciality products to service the many industrial, personal care and household care requirements of our customers.
Products include amphoteric, non-ionic, anionic and speciality surfactants, phosphate esters and a whole array of speciality chemicals in liquid, emulsion and powder form.
Libra has recently invested over £500K in state of the art equipment for Amine Oxide production.
The company also provides an exceptional bespoke contract manufacturing capability used by a wide variety of customers.
Libra Chemistries include: Neutralisation, Esterification, Amidation, Distillation, Phosphation, Carboxylation, Sulphation, Oxidation, Saponification, Imidazolines.
Our 2.1 hectare manufacturing facility is located in Manchester, UK, and is very well placed for international transportation links to our global customer base.

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