C.F.T. – Center for Testmaterials BV Stand 108
Address: Stoomloggerweg 11, 3133 KT Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 10 460 39 55
Fax: +31 10 434 02 36
E-mail: info(at)cftbv.nl
Website: www.cftbv.nl
Center For Testmaterials is the one-stop-shop for all your needed testmaterials for detergent performance testing. All in the testmaterials sold in the industry are available through CFT. Next to the widest range of soiled testfabrics, we also offer (AISE) dyed fabrics and standardized testmaterials for dishwash testing and hardsurface cleaning.
Please visit our booth 108 to see the latest developments! 
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