Omya GmbH (Office Hamburg) Stand 114
Adresse: Possmoorweg 2, 22301 Hamburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 4065872276
Fax: +49 406587240
E-Mail: martin.lichtenwald(at)
Omya GmbH (Office Hamburg), a German subsidiary of the Omya group, complements the group’s core business as a leading global distributor and supplier of specialty chemicals and additives.

Based in Hamburg, the largest chemical trading place in the world, Omya Hamburg capitalizes on the Omya group-wide distribution network providing expertise service to achieve long-term and sustainable supply solutions for its customers.

Omya Hamburg co-operates with a number of certified international business partners worldwide to distribute its high quality products along supply chains of personal care, detergents and cleaners, food, feed, oleo- and industrial chemical markets.

During SEPAWA 2016, Omya GmbH (Office Hamburg) will not only display well-known solutions for personal care, detergents and cleaners like Sulfamic Acid, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Phenoxyethanol, but will also highlight on latest innovations for personal care. With Galsoft®, Omya Hamburg presents the next generation of cleansing solution. These amino acid and Isethionate based mild surfactants give deep cleansing, rich creamy foam, elegant after feel while being extremely gentle and mild to the skin – ideal for a wide range of personal care applications. 
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