Cosun Biobased Products Stand 123
Adresse: PO Box 3411, 4800 MG, Breda, Niederlande
Tel.: +31 76 530 3356
Fax: +31 76 530 3206
E-Mail: Robert.Nolles(at)
The biobased economy is unstoppable and will affect the current supply chains and business structures. Drivers that fuel the biobased economy include climate change, expected future scarcity of fossil-based raw materials and the need for rural area development. Royal Cosun is committed to the biobased economy and therefore decided to invest in an integrated and cost-effective cascading biorefinery to refine sugar beet pulp and isolate high value components. Royal Cosun’s first generation biobased products include carboxymethyl and cationic inulin, microcellulosic fibers, arabinose, galacturonic acid and powdered sugar beet pulp. Royal Cosun has started manufacturing or is in the process of setting up manufacturing for these first generation biobased products.

Detergent companies are always looking for ways to improve their formulations: Be it in structuring or creating a better cost performance in laundry, cleaners or dishwashing. Inulin derivates like Catin® and Carboxyline® CMI are proven cost performance boosters. Betafib® MCF is our rheology modifier that has extraordinairy particle carrying properties, is shear thinning and easy to handle. Which makes it very suitable for structuring a broad range of liquid detergents and personal care products. Betabind-A® can bind free water in tablets and premixes thereby significantly improving integrity and shelf-life. 
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