Address: Industriegebiet Süd, Beunaer Str. 4, 06217 Merseburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 3461 244 8 0
Fax: +49 3461 244 8 99
E-mail: sales(at)
GLACONCHEMIE GmbH is an independent medium-sized company with a distinctive competence in the processing of by-products of the biodiesel production into first-class, high-purity basic and raw materials.

Our core competence lies in the production of high-quality pharmaceutical and technical glycerine on the basis of ecologically sustainable raw materials, predominantly the crop rape. We deliver in different concentrations, year round, just-in-time delivery on a multi-ton scale across national boundaries.

As a worldwide-recognized glycerine specialist we are also able to develop the full potential of this versatile raw material and bring out the best for you. Biogenic glycerine proves to be an important basic and raw material for the production of glycerine derivatives with a broad spectrum of applications as chemicals, solvents, additives and other ingredients which so far had to be obtained from crude oil - a resource whose availability is well known to be limited.

GLACONCHEMIE accommodates the idea of ‘Green Chemistry' and leverages the experience and skills to develop the potential of biogenic glycerine for you. 
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