Coatex SAS Stand 256
Adresse: 35 rue Ampère, 69730 Genay, Frankreich
Tel.: +33 4 72 08 20 00
E-Mail: contact(at)
Coatex is a subsidiary of the Arkema group specialised in rheology additives for waterborne formulations.COATEX has developed a wide knowledge of formulation across different markets and a deep understanding in the dispersion of minerals and the rheology of water based systems.
We have specifically designed dedicated ranges of additives, dispersants and thickeners for a broad variety of applications in Household, Institutional & Industrial Cleaning.
Whether it’s laundry, dishwashing or other surfaces cleaning, Coatex supports you throughout the adjustment of consistency and anti-scaling efficiency of your formulations with :
Rheosolve™ D products prevent agglomeration using steric and electrostatic repulsion mechanisms. Soils and minerals are kept in suspension and prevented from re-deposition onto fabric or hard surfaces during cleaning.Rheosolve™ T line, a wide variety of possibilities within different thickening technologies based on our knowledge of formulations and especially on the interactions between the different components. 
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