Symrise Stand 307
Adresse: Muehlenfeldstr. 1, 37601 Holzminden, Deutschland
Tel.: +49 (0) 5531 90 0
E-Mail: scentandcare(at)
Symrise is a global supplier of fragrances, flavorings, cosmetic active ingredients and raw materials as well as functional ingredients. Its clients include manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics, food and beverages, the pharmaceutical industry and producers of nutritional supplements as well as pet and baby food. Its sales of more than € 2.1 billion in the 2014 fiscal year place Symrise among the top three companies in the global flavors and fragrances market. Headquartered in Holzminden, Germany, the Group is represented in over 40 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the United States and Latin America.

The Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients division focuses on high-quality ingredients, such as active skin and hair care ingredients, botanical extracts, functional products and UV filters. R&D concentrates on their competences, identifying molecules with multifunctional properties including anti-microbial activity, developing ingredients that soothe irritated or itchy skin, protect skin, provide cooling effects or improve skin tone.
Latest product launches include solutions for sensitive skin, natural collections such as fresh pressed plant juices and flower extracts and the broad-spectrum preservative blends. 
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