SOLVAY Stand 358
Address: Rue de Ransbeek 310, 1120 Bruxelles, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 264 1759
Fax: +32 2 264 1802
E-mail: joel.geny(at)
Your Partner for Cosmetics, Washing and Cleaning Agents!

SOLVAY is a producer of various raw materials for Cosmetics, Washing and Cleaning Agents. We offer fundamental building blocks to enhance your product formulations: Several grades of OXYPER®S (Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate), IXPER® (Calcium-/Magnesium peroxide), Hydrogen Peroxide, PROXITANE® (Peracetic acid) available in a range of concentrations, EURECO® (PAP), BICAR® (Sodium hydrogencarbonate) and of course SODASOLVAY® (Sodium carbonate), Mirapol® Foam Boost (foam boost polymer), Mirapol® Surf-S (hard surface cleaning polymer), Repel-O-Tex® (soil release polymer), Mackam® and Miranol® (amphoteric surfactants) and many more.

Whether you need inorganic or organic compounds which can provide bleaching, cleaning, disinfection, stain removal, shine or foam – SOLVAY delivers products with consistently high quality. Product quality and effective interaction of raw materials are key subjects of our research. Our extensive know-how concerning raw materials, products and processes can result in synergies to support your product development.

In close cooperation we develop products for you, which meet steadily increasing requirements. 
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