Sabinsa Europe GmbH Stand 651
Address: Sabinsa Europe GmbH, Monzastrasse 4, 63225 Langen, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)6103 2701111
Fax: +49 (0)6103 2701127
E-mail: steffen.fachinger(at)
Sabinsa was founded in 1988 by Dr.Muhammed Majeed as a producer of plant extracts, minerals and fine chemicals. Over the years Sabinsa has standardized more than 100 extracts which are used in food supplements, cosmetics and fine chemistry.
Meanwhile Sabinsa has about 1000 employees and has worldwide offices. The European office serves the customers by an attached warehouse – short delivery times are possible.
Sabinsa owns over 70 US and international patents, innovation and research are the base of our success. With more than 40.000 acres of land in the Indian fields we can guarantee the continuous delivery with plants in highest quality – where from we produce the extracts according to their specification . It is also possible to fulfil customer specific needs.
Have a look at our booth – we love to show you our natural preservatives or some cosmetic ingredients like Cosmoperine® - an extract which raises the bioavailability of your ingredients in your formulations. 
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