ICL Stand 655-656
E-mail: advanced.additives(at)icl-pp.com
Website: icl-pp.com
ICL is a globally active company with a wide range of products and services within various markets. BK Giulini GmbH has emerged under the name of the ICL Group to which it has belonged for several years. ICL is a leading supplier of pure phosphoric acid and a major manufacturer of speciality phosphates, flame retardants, speciality fertilizers, water treatment products and the food industry and offers specialities for tannery and other fields of application.

The Advanced Additives Division combines activities in the field of phosphoric acid, phosphate products and specialities for industrial applications.
Our products for your formulation – also pharmaceutical quality:
Phosphoric acid in different concentrations
  • Calcium phosphates
  • Mono-, Di-, Tricalciumphosphate
Sodium phosphates
  • Mono-, Di-, Trisodiumphosphate
  • Sodiumtripolyphosphate
  • Tetrasodiumpyrophosphate
  • Sodiumhexametaphosphate
  • Sodiumacidpyrophosphate
Potassium phosphates
  • Mono-, Di-, Tripotassium phosphate
  • Tetrapotassiumpyrophosphate
  • Potassiumtripolyphosphate
Ammonium phosphates
  • Monoammoniumphosphate
  • Ammoniumpolyphosphate
Phosphate specialties
  • PHOSKADENT® for dental care
  • CAREPHOS® for cosmetic preparations
  • MAKROPHOS® for cleaners
  • MAKROCARB® for cleaners
Please contact us: advanced.additives@icl-pp.com or see www.icl-pp.com. 
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