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You’re looking for raw material to polish, cleaning or care?
Then you need f.e. polishing alumina or aluminum-silicate.

The polishing alumina are synthetically produced agglomerates: first they take off material from the surface (cut). Thereby the agglomerates break into single primary cristals, which finally act as polishing agent (effect of brilliance). Alumina is used as pure grain or as part of a polishing compound. The mixing ratio depends on demanded final product (from 10 to 70 %).

By aluminum-silicate of high oil absorption and low loose bulk density you produce soft and high-gloss polishing pastes. On sensitive surfaces (water-based laquers and precious metals) you realize mirror-finish results. In combination with fine low-calcined alumina you abbreviate the polishing process and you improve the polishing result.

Magnesium aluminosilicate combines characteristics of gently polishing with a good capability of thixotroping. So you stabilize the grain in the formulation without loosing the polishing effect. 
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