IMPAG Group Stand 136-138
Address: Fritz-Remy-Straße 25, 63071 Offenbach, Germany
Tel.: +49 69 850008 0
Fax: +49 69 850008 80
E-mail: info(at)
IMPAG is an independent international trading and service group. We've been offering raw materials and active ingredients for more than 90 years in the fields of Personal Care, Nutrition, Chemicals, Pharma and Metals. IMPAG is based in Switzerland (Head Quarters), Germany, France, Austria and Poland and has activities in all Europe.

IMPAG has long-term partnerships with suppliers from all over the world, which develop qualitative and innovation oriented products. IMPAG's role is to offer scientific and marketing advice as well as technical support and to design solutions for the European Market considering the national regulations and specific client requirements. IMPAG offers all around solutions, supporting our clients with marketing- and product concepts and helping them answer questions concerning regulatory affairs.
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