CTAdvisors Stand 162
Address: Berenger Strasse 7, 61184 Karben, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)6039 934637
Fax: +49 (0)6039 934638
E-mail: zoltan.szilagyi(at)ct-advisors.com
Website: www.ct-advisors.com
By “linking opportunities” the experts at CTAdvisors connect customers, products and services with market demand. The experts at CTAdvisors provide answers to questions.

We perform through multicultural thinking, acting in 26 countries and our international & branched network by means of 30+ years technical & commercial expertise in specific segments in Europa und Latinamerica such as
  • Products: surfactants, soda ash, bicarbonate, biocides, polycarboxylates, chelants, chlor alkali, phosphates, polymers, sulphur derivatives, peracetic acid, listed disinfectants
  • Technologies: spray granulation/drying, coating, encapsulation
  • Markets: cleaning, detergents, hygiene, glass, food&feed, pharma, waste-to-energy, agrochemicals, personal care,
  • Functions: supply chain, sales, product & process sourcing, product & market development, project leadership, interim management, market research, production, formulations

Join us and our partners:

BBA-DALTECH – Biologic Active Treatment Products
CAM-D – Technologies Activated Odour Absorbers
CHEMIA i BIZNES – Scientific Publisher for Cosmetic and Cleaning Business in Poland ESSECO Sulfur Derivatives for Industrial Applications
ESTEER PHARMA – Hand and Surface Disinfection
M4E – Magnetic Emulsion, Solubilisation and Dispersion Technology
NABERA – Consultancy in Strategy and Organization
SILKE SCHAGEN – Scientific Marketing and Communication
SURFACE ACTIVAE – Effect-Surfactant-Blends for Cleaning and Surface Treatment
TRAXYS – Soda und Bicarbonate of ETI-Soda
WSA ASSOCIATES – Consultants + Experts in Surfactants and Additives

at booth 162.
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