Friday Program

Main Auditorium

DGK/SEPAWA Conference: Trends

Main Auditorium, Friday, 14 October 2011

Chair: Andrea Weber
Time Title Speaker
09:00 >> Alarmins – The importance of antimicrobial peptides for new cosmetic applications Dr. Vera Maienschein
(IMPAG GmbH, Germany)
09:30 >> Corneocare, new insights into moisturizing Rainer Voegeli
(DSM Nutritional Products, Switzerland)
10:00 >> Surfactants and surfactant systems for natural and organic cosmetics Ute Griesbach; Jessica Erasmy
(BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH, Germany)
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 >> Phase behavior of liquid-crystalline emulsion systems Dr. Petra Kudla; Dr. Tobias Sokolowski, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bernhard Blümich
(Beiersdorf AG, Germany)
11:30 >> Stem cells in cosmetics – limits and options Angela Kleiner
(Sederma GmbH, Germany)


Hall 2

Forum for Innovations

Hall 2, Friday, 14 October 2011

Time Title Speaker
09:00 >> Odour Control Technologies in Consumer Care and I&I Uses David Roper, Dr. Menno Hazenkamp
09:15 >> Nanoparticles with antimicrobial properties Dr. Marc Thiry
(CAN GmbH)
09:30 >> Easing formulation of emulsions and test for long term stability using bottom focussed back scattering T. Sobisch, U. Rietz, D. Lerche
(LUM GmbH)
09:45 >> Passive microrheology : non intrusive measurement of the emulsions stability M. Fleury, C. Tisserand, L. Brunel, P. Bru, G. Meunier
10:00 TBA TBA
10:15 >> Sustainable Solutions For Replacing Aminopolycarboxylates and Polycrylates in Indutrial and Institutional Applications Isabelle Léonard
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 >> Kolb’s approach to use renewable raw materials: Methyl Ester Ethoxylates Dr. Christoph Kolano
(Kolb Distribution Ltd.)
11:00 >> New Multifunctional Sensomer™ CT-250 and CT-400 Polymers. Derived From the Natural Ayurvedic Plant, Cassia. Improved Deposition. Distinctive Sensory. Enhanced Conditioning Performance Pascal Staelens
(Noveon Consumer Specialties, Lubrizol Advanced Materials)
11:15 >> A high-performance automatic dishwash protease with consistent performance Dr. Peter Skagerlind
(Novozymes A/S)
11:30 >> Cellulase can help clean, maintain, and repair clothes Lars Birch Mathisen
(Novozymes A/S)
11:45 >> Repel-O-Tex: A range of Soil Release Polymers for laundry detergents with unique qualities adapted to each type of formulation Sandra Catarino
(Rhodia Novecare)


Hall 3

Detergents and Cleansers Session

Hall 3, Friday, 14 October 2011

Chair: Dr. Wolfgang Leonhardt
Time Title Speaker
09:00 >> New formaldehyde-free stable core /shell microcapsules for industrial applications Klaus Last, PhD
(Follmann & Co. GmbH & Co.KG, Germany)
09:30 >> The Use of Beneficial Microorganisms in Controlling Stains, Odors, and Fouling: Interactions With Undesirable Microbes Jonathan Leder, PhD,
(Novozymes Biologicals, Inc., USA)
10:00 >> Investigations on the removal of starch containing soils in auto dish wash Prof. Dr. Carsten Werner
(ZetaScience GmbH, Germany)
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 >> Microbial Quality Management (MQM) for the Production of Detergents and Cosmetic Products Dipl. Ing Wolfgang Siegert
(Schülke & Mayr GmbH, Germany)
11:30 >> HYDRODIS – Oligomeric phopsphonates for universal applications in detergency Silvia Werthmann, Dr. Massimo Paladini
(Polygon Chemie AG, Switzerland)