In Retrospect: 61st SEPAWA Congress 2014

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61st SEPAWA Congress
10th European Detergents Conference

15th–17th October 2014 – Esperanto Hotel, Fulda

The 61st SEPAWA Congress was held in conjunction with the 10th European Detergents Conference (EDC) at Fulda. The number of participants which exceeded last year meanwhile over 2,000 was this year 2,139 visitors from 41 countries. On the larger exhibition area products and services were offered by 215 exhibitors (2013: 197).

The yearly sponsored SEPAWA Award for students of excellent finally qualifications were given to five prize winners for their excellent Bachelor theses and to two prizewinners for their outstanding Doctorate theses. Also the Young Researcher Prize of the GDCh Specialist Group Detergency and Formulations was awarded at the 10th European Detergents Conference this year for an outstanding Doctorate thesis. The SEPAWA Innovation Award for outstanding innovations in the field of cosmetics, detergents and perfumery was grant to three prizewinners who received the SEPAWA Award Cup.

SEPAWA Awards 2014

SEPAWA Award for Young Scientists – From the submitted thesis the jury selected five prizewinners. In the category of outstanding Bachelor thesis the first prize were conferred to Claudia Bernhardt, University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe, for her thesis "Method for differentiating of different hair qualities by the iso-ionic point". Two second prizes were conferred to Lisa Nahrwold, University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe, for her thesis "Influence of different galenical and rheological parameters on the sun protection factor" and to Katja Boller, Zürcher Hochschule for Life Sciences, for her thesis "Low-temperature washing processes". Two third prizes were conferred to Sarah Henze, University of Applied Sciences Rhein-Waal, for her thesis "In-vitro investigation of the transmission path of scrust" and to Nadia Limandoko, University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein, for her thesis "Functionalized filter textiles with a high selectivity".

Two prizes were given for excellent Doctorate theses. One prize was given to Dr. Katharina Bressel, for her at the Technical University of Berlin acquired doctorate thesis about "Controlling vesicle systems by amphiphilic copolymers" and to Dr. Emir Lasic for his at the University of Bonn acquired doctorate thesis about "Sustainable Use of Washing Machine: Modelling the Consumer Behavior Related Resources Consumption in Use of Washing Machines".

The picture shows the prize winners after the handing-over of the prize certificates by the Chairman of the SEPAWA Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Wittern at the after-event in the main hall of the Esperanto Hotel.

SEPAWA Innovation Award 2014

This year for the second time the SEPAWA Innovation Award from the areas of cosmetic, detergents and perfumery was awarded to three prizewinners. The prize is supposed to generate impulses for an active management of ideas in the member companies of SEPAWA. A neutral independent jury of 6 members from the scientific board of SEPAWA and of the Chairman of SEPAWA 3 prize winners were selected.

A first prize was awarded to the company Dow Corning Europe for the new active substance "ES-5600 Silicone Glycerol Emulsifier". The ES-5600 Silicone Glycerol Emulsifier is a new water-in-oil emulsifier which helps enhance the performance of colour cosmetics and sunscreens. It offers versatility for the development of highly innovative cosmetic products. Formulators search emulsifiers offering oil phase flexibility for both silicone oils and high silicone oil/organic oil blends. In addition concerns over skin irritation of polyethylene glycol has led Dow Corning to develop its silicone glycerol emulsifier for PEG-free systems. The PEG functionality was replaced by a diglycerol hydrophilic functionality.

A further first prize was awarded to the company Krüss GmbH for the development of a "Mobile Surface Analyzer-MSA". This mobile fully automatic instrument allows the non-destructive measurement of wetting and surface free energy of solid bodies via the contact angle in few seconds. The measurement is also possible on vertical surfaces as well overhead. The instrument is practical and particularly suitable for the mobile quality testing of cleaned surfaces.

A third prize was awarded to the company BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH for the new developed product Cetiol® Ultimate. This is the first emollient/hydrocarbon on the basis of renewable raw materials with a very high spreadability compared to other emollients. It behaves equivalent to cyclomethicon. Because of its volatility it leaves a fresh and dry skin feeling meeting the trend for light formulations. By means of this properties it is possible to create new smart textures and to ameliorate organic cosmetics and nature-related cosmetics.

The picture shows the prizewinners of the SEPAWA Innovation Awards after the handing-over of the SEPAWA Innovation Award 2014
First row: Cindy Delvalle and Kathelyne Everare (Dow Corning Europe); Yeah-Young Baek and Ute Griesbach (BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH). Back row: Malte Snoyek, Dr. Marlitt Erbe and Cornelius Weser (Krüss GmbH); Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Wittern (Chairman of the SEPAWA)

Prof. Dr. Klaus Peter Wittern, Chairman of SEPAWA and member of the jury commented:
Innovations are the key drivers of growth and competitiveness in our industry. Only by innovations companies can sustain in the global competition. We are thankful that we have companies here at the SEPAWA Congress that face these challenges successfully and enable our members and visitors to meet their formulation requirements for innovative products.

Young Researcher Prize of the GDCh Division Detergency and Formulations

The Young Researcher Prize of the GDCh Specialist Group Detergency and Formulations was awarded this year for an outstanding Doctorate theses to Dr. Michaela Laupheimer for her at the University of Stuttgart acquired doctorate thesis about “Gelled Bicontinuous Microemulsions – A New Type of Orthogonal Self-Assembled Systems”.

The picture shows the prize winner Dr. Michaela Laupheimer after the handing-over of the prize certificate by the Chairman of the GDCh Specialist Group Dr. Dieter Boeckh.

About the SEPAWA:
The SEPAWA is one of the largest professional associations in Europe with over 1500 members. The interdisciplinary knowledge and experience transfer takes place in three regional national groups, three professional groups (Professional Cleaning, Legislative-Environmental-Consumer, Applied Cosmetics), the German Association of Perfumers (Deutschen Gesellschaft der Parfumeure) in the SEPAWA and in four international sections. Talks, excursions and seminars are organised by the groups, and the publication of scientific contributions is supported as well as the creation of learning aids. The annual SEPAWA Congress, which is held jointly with the professional GDCh Group “Detergent Chemistry“ and DGK (Deutsche Gesellschaft für angewandte und wissenschaftliche Kosmetik) e.V., is ranked among the most important meeting places of the branch in Europe.

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Download the detailed report of the 61st SEPAWA Congress:
>> SEPAWA Congress Report 2014 (SOFW Journal, 12-2014, pdf 5.3 MB)