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With more than 1700 members, the SEPAWA® e.V. is one of Europe’s largest professional associations for the detergent/cleaner, cosmetic and perfume industry. The trade association considers itself as a communication platform for experts from the industry, universities and authorities.
The SEPAWA® e.V. enables the direct exchange between science and application, resulting in technical and economic progress.

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DGP Promotion Award 2024

The German Association of Perfumers (DGP) in SEPAWA® e.V. has launched a promotion program to support junior scientists and scientific studies on the sense of smell. The DGP award of 2,000 …

SEPAWA® Annual Newsletter 2022

Here you find the SEPAWA® Annual Newsletter 2022. Read about the latest general activities of the SEPAWA® e.V. and many more news. Enjoy reading! Picture Credits © Katrin Heyer