Organizational structures within the SEPAWA® e.V.

To represent all interests and to offer a broad platform for interdisciplinary networking, six specialist groups and an integrated Society cooperate within the SEPAWA® e.V.


Professional Cleaning and Care (PRP)

The main focus of the PRP groups is on cleaning, care and disinfectant agents in industrial and institutional fields. They primarily address manufacturers of raw materials, formulators, testing institutes and end users. It is their particular ambition to transfer know-how from different branches and disciplines as well as the applicability. The spectrum ranges from basic topics to current developments and innovations. The section cooperates with leading European universities and technical colleges. For the last 10 years, there has been a two-day conference every year, which enables participants from different countries to exchange ideas in a pleasant personal atmosphere.

Contact: prp(at)

Prof. Dr. Ing. Tobias Kimmel

Tobias Potstada

Advisory Board:
Andreas Leismüller
Robert Kreische

Legislative – Environment – Consumer (LUV)

For a long time, environmental issues have been in the foreground for the detergent industry, while the cosmetics sector focused on the effects of the products on humans.

With the concept of sustainability, the entire value-added chain of products, from raw materials through their production and application to disposal, now comes into focus.

The LUV section informs the SEPAWA® e.V. members with workshops, specialist events, PR contributions and reports on the homepage on current topics of sustainability, taking into account sustainable consumption, as well as developments in the legislative area. In doing so, the section relies on cross-sectoral cooperation with industry, authorities, academic research institutions and consumer organizations.

Contact: luv(at)

Dr. Cornelius Bessler

Marcus Gast

Advisory Board
International activities:
Sascha Nissen

Cosmetic Applications and Technologies (CAT)

The group for Cosmetic Applications and Technologies provides its members with information on formulations, ingredients and cosmetic applications. The focus in the symposia and workshops is on application-oriented topics for practitioners and an exchange of ideas on current topics with experts. Whether it is the selection of ingredients or the correct formulation technology for cosmetics – all questions that play a part in this context are taken into consideration. The events are always practice oriented, in which the latest trends are found and creative ideas for the implementation developed. The specialist group events cater to specialists of cosmetic companies in research and development as well as in the marketing area. 

Contact: cat(at)

Astrid Wulfinghoff

Vice Chairman:
Sandra Spiegelberger

Dr. Kristin Nessbach

Dr. Leslie Schlüter

Raw Materials and Processes (R&P)

The raw materials & processes specialist group regularly organizes lecture events on raw materials and overriding issues for all SEPAWA® e.V. members. The program also includes plant tours. During these events, technical discussions are encouraged, making way for important impulses for the exchange of information between the experts of this professional association.

The specialist group Small and Medium Enterprises (MI) merged with the R&P specialist group.

Contact: rohstoffe&prozesse(at)

Dr. Michael Sigloch

Deputy Chairman:
Dr. Dietmar Hake

Advisory Board:
Kai Mann

Dr. Stefan Müller

Innovative Cleaning (IR)

Purity, cleanliness and hygiene are of great importance in our society. The Specialist Group Innovative Cleaning has been working intensively on those aspects, starting with new raw materials, innovative applications of known raw materials through to new machinery and dispensing systems. But we also explore very basic questions such as: what is innovation?

The Specialist Group Innovative Cleaning identifies options of achieving an optimum of purity in fields areas where cleanliness and hygiene are crucial. This includes the consumer sector as well as commercial and institutional applications.

The Specialist Group offers an interdisciplinary exchange of expertise surrounding the topic of cleaning. Our aim is to cover all areas from fundamental research through to practical application, thus giving a broad insight into the subject of cleaning.

Contact: innovatives.reinigen(at)

Dr. Ralf Döring

Deputy Chairman:
Thorsten Pohl

Advisory Board:
Marcus Mausberg

Adrian Zuberbühler

German Association of Perfumers in SEPAWA® e.V. (DGP)

DGP has existed since 1979 as a cross-regional association of perfumers and experts from the perfume sector and the corresponding industry. Its task is to present the topic of perfume as an emotional-aesthetic element to the wider public. Perfumes are quality of life and give our everyday life sensory variety. DGP strengthens the profile of the perfumers and offers all specialists active in the industry a platform for the creative exchange of ideas. With various specialist events, study trips and through cooperating with other international perfume companies, DGP promotes important scientific and innovative activities in the perfume sector. DGP awards annually a promotion prize for excellent scientific work in the area of perfumes at the SEPAWA® CONGRESS.

Contact: dgp(at)

Executive Board
Dr. Maren Protzen, Chairman
Jörg Zimmermann, Vice President
Lars Schlüter, Treasurer
Dr. Anneliese Wilsch-Irrgang, Secretary

Advisory Board:
Dr. Edison Diaz
Sarah Ajuma Brajic
Manuela Materne
Daniela Knoop
Heike Hegmann
Silke Weyland
Dirk Linder