The SEPAWA® e.V. is a professional association with a long tradition, whose origin dates back to the year 1755.

Already back then, soap production required qualified specialist knowledge in order to produce bars of soap and pleasantly scented toilet soaps from fats and oils by the action of alkalis.

The development of innovative synthetic raw materials for detergents, the application of new industrial manufacturing processes and the increasing importance of environmental protection and sustainability were the dominant themes later on.


Formation of a first „Association of Soap Boilers and Perfumers“ in Munich.


The supra-regionally active „Association of Soap Boilers and Perfumers“ is founded in Munich.


Yet another "Association of Soap Boilers and Perfumers" is formed for the metropolitan area of ​​Berlin.


Both associations merge into one „Association of Soap Boilers and Perfumers e.V.“.


in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine, the "Association of Soap-Boilers, Perfumers and Detergent Experts e. V. "(SEPAWA® e.V. for short) is founded.

1955 - 2003

the annual SEPAWA® CONGRESSES are held in Bad Dürkheim.


the SEPAWA® CONGRESS is held in the Congress Centrum Würzburg for the first time.


the congress incorporates the European Detergents Conference (EDC).


the SEPAWA® CONGRESS takes place in Fulda for the first time. Steady international growth with over 1600 participants.
For the first time, the German Society for Scientific and Applied Cosmetics e.V. (DGK) adds scientific papers to the cosmetic session.
The "Forum for Innovation" is added to the program.  Companies can present their innovations and practical applications with brief presentations.


The congress relocates to Berlin into the ESTREL congress center with double the amount of total area for exhibition and conference.