International structures of SEPAWA

If a communication platform wants to attain this goal it must make use of homogenously interconnected, interoperable organisational structures.


The Nordic Section was founded in 1999 and currently has about 100 members. Its objective is to  communicate new findings relating to applied research and science. Sustainability and current  developments in legislation also play a key role. To this end, the Section organises regular workshops  and conferences. Further tasks include education and advanced training as well as cooperation with other organisations from the industrial branches of interest. A special feature and thus also the particular appeal of the Nordic Section is the fact that the members and guests come from four different language zones.

Contact: nordic(at)
Björn Englund
Vice Chairman: 
Leif Löf
Marina Härd
Bo Hansen
Press Officer:
Per H. Knudsen

Section Benelux

The Section Benelux was founded in 1998 and currently has about 150 members. The Section sees itself as a market place for exchanging information between different companies in the relevant industrial branches. These include manufacturers of raw materials, formulators as well as representatives from associations, official bodies, NGOs and retailers. The Section organises two conferences per year that promote an intensive exchange of ideas. Young colleagues from our branches are offered an early opportunity to develop a network of contacts. 

Contact: benelux(at)
Jef Wittouck
Krista Bouma
Mark de Witte
Program Committee:
Klaas Gravensteijn
Stijn Vandevoorde
Mariska Vredevoort

Section Austria

The Section Austria was founded in 1999 and currently has 56 members. It aims to provide a discussion platform for its members and interested specialists. The Section organises conferences every year with an interdisciplinary approach. The exchange of ideas focuses on topics relating to manufacture, testing and marketing in the individual branches of SEPAWA. The latest amendments of statutory requirements and ecological topics are further key topics. The programme is rounded off with company tours. Junior employees are also invited to develop their technical skills within this environment. 

Contact: oesterreich(at)
B.Eng Eva-Maria Heinzel 
Vice Chairman: 
Dr. Josef Schweiger 
B.Eng Norbert Mortz 
Thomas Armellini 
Scientific Advisory Board:
Dr. Josef Lukasser
Herr Ing. Rudolf Weissensteiner

Section Switzerland

The Section Switzerland was founded in 1959 and was the first SEPAWA section outside Germany. Currently it has around 130 personal members and 60 corporate members, which form a good basis for active work. The Section hosts two to three conferences per year that provide additional and advanced training and also arranges visits to companies as well as a cultural/social programme.

Contact: schweiz(at)
Rudolf Gitzi
Actuary and Vice-President: 
Marco Bracher
Roland Borner
Press Officer: 
Jörg Beiersdörfer
Advisory Board:
Dr. Horst Lothar Möhle
Thomas Hofmann