In Retrospect: 62nd SEPAWA Congress 2015

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62nd SEPAWA Congress 2015

October 14 – 16, 2015 in Fulda

The 62nd SEPAWA Congress sets a new record with 2417 delegates from 49 countries – 8 more than in 2014. An increase of more than 13% against the previous year proves the rising popularity of this event. The share of foreign visitors was 36%, and 28% came from non-German speaking countries.

All scientific conferences, the Forum for Innovations and the exhibition were busy throughout the opening hours. There was a buzzing crowd everywhere. The congress motto “Meet your Business” could be felt in every corner of the venue.

“We are very satisfied with the outcome of the 62nd SEPAWA Congress, especially because we can see that our exhibitors and visitors are evidently satisfied. Almost every booth holder has rebooked already and a survey among the visitors after the event showed that 94% want to return in 2016. This indicates further growth for the coming year. SEPAWA is on the right track”, states Robert Fischer, Press Officer of SEPAWA e.V.

“We are looking forward to the 63rd SEPAWA Congress 2016 and we promise several new highlights”, says Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Wittern, 1st Chairman of SEPAWA e.V.

The next SEPAWA Congress dates are: October 12 – 14, 2016.

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SEPAWA Young Researchers' Award 2015

The yearly sponsored SEPAWA Young Researchers' Award belongs to one of the prior activities of the association and serves promote recognition of qualified young upcoming generations. The prize is granted to students for excellent final qualifications in their bachelor thesis as well as for outstanding doctoral research study.

From the submitted theses the jury selected five prizewinners. In the category of outstanding bachelor thesis the first prize was conferred to Ilka Davina Nix, University of Applied Sciences Rhein-Waal, for her thesis “Characterisation of microbial communities in household washing machines”. The second prize was conferred to Mathias Müller, University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe, for his thesis “Development of a sensitive pH-based method for the differentiation of different hair qualities” and the third prize was conferred to Insa Waller, University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe, for her thesis “Evaluation of skin substitute models for the characterisation of cosmetic moisturising materials”.

Two prizes were given for excellent doctorate theses. One prize was given to Dr. Anna Klemmer, for her doctorate thesis acquired at the University of Cologne titled "A guide to formulation and application of low-surfactant microemulsions in cleaning processes" and to Dr. Susanne Gorny for her doctorate thesis on "Modelling of performance and energy consumption of an electric household dishwashing system" obtained at the University of Bonn.

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The picture shows the prize winners after the presentation of the certificates by the Chairman of the SEPAWA Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Wittern. (Ilka Davina Nix, Dr. Anna Klemmer, Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Wittern, Insa Waller, Matthias Müller, Dr. Susanne Gorny)

SEPAWA Innovation Award 2015

Innovations are the key for growth and for competitiveness and an important pillar for our economy. Creating something entirely new is an important precondition to compete successfully in the global market. For the third time this year, the SEPAWA Innovation Award in the field of cosmetics, detergents and perfumery was awarded to three prizewinners. The prize is supposed to generate impulses for an active management of ideas in the member companies of SEPAWA. A neutral independent jury of 6 members from the scientific board of SEPAWA and of the Chairman of SEPAWA selected three prize winners.

The first prize was awarded to the company Firmenich, which was accepted by Prof. Dr. Geneviève Berger, Chief Research Officer at Firmenich for the innovative ingredient “Clearwood™, a new sustainable perfumery ingredient”. Clearwood™ is a new sustainable perfumery ingredient obtained by fermentation of sugarcane. It offers a new woody building block to perfumers for all perfume categories, and it can also be used in combination with releasing technologies like microcapsules.

The second prize was awarded to the company Follmann GmbH, Minden, which was accepted by Dr. Klaus Last and Falk-Arnold Schlutter, for the technological innovation “Thermal triggered stable core/shell microcapsules for industrial applications”. Follmann has succeeded in developing a new industrial applicable system for the spontaneous release and thermically initiated out of stable core/shell micro capsules by adjustable temperatures. As a key for this process special solvents have proven effective, which are mixed with the encapsulated core material.

The third prize was awarded to the company Amyris Inc, USA, and Safic Alcan, which was accepted by Holger Plate, for the innovation “Neossance® Hemisqualane – A sugar cane- derived sustainable alternative to silicones”. Neossance® Hemisqualane is a new sustainable emollient with high spreading properties and a unique sensorial profile. It consists of a C15 hydrocarbon, which is produced fermentatively from sugar cane. The product is a unique natural alternative to ingredients based on mineral or silicon oil.

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The picture shows the prize winners after the handing-over of the prize certificates by the Chairman of the SEPAWA Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Wittern to Prof. Dr. Geneviève Berger, company Firmenich, to Dr. Klaus Last and Falk-Arnold Schlutter, company Follmann GmbH & Co KG and to Holger Plate, company Safic Alcan.

About the SEPAWA:
The SEPAWA is one of the largest professional associations in Europe with over 1500 members. The interdisciplinary knowledge and experience transfer takes place in three regional national groups, three professional groups (Professional Cleaning, Legislative – Environmental – Consumer, Applied Cosmetics), the German Association of Perfumers (Deutschen Gesellschaft der Parfumeure) in the SEPAWA and in four international sections. Talks, excursions and seminars are organised by the groups, and the publication of scientific contributions is supported as well as the creation of learning aids. The annual SEPAWA Congress, which is held jointly with the professional GDCh Group “Detergent Chemistry” and DGK (Deutsche Gesellschaft für angewandte und wissenschaftliche Kosmetik) e.V., is ranked among the most important meeting places of the branch in Europe.

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Download the detailed report of the 62nd SEPAWA Congress:
>> SEPAWA Congress Report 2015 (SOFW Journal, 12-2015, pdf 6.7 MB)