Marketing Lecture

14:00 – 14:45 | Thursday, Main Auditorium
How the Internet has Changed Society – and What it Means for FMCG
DE | Sascha Lobo
(Blogger and Internet Expert)

Sascha Lobo is known by the German media as the “class representative of the Web 2.0.”
Born in 1975, Lobo studied social and business communication in Berlin. In 2000, he founded an advertising agency specialising in the New Economy. In the years that followed, he also worked as creative director for an agency in the Internet field. He now works for large corporations as a strategy consultant with a focus on Internet and brand communication. Sascha Lobo “blogs, talks, explains, tweets and writes columns on virtually every website,” according to one description of him.
As a frequent guest on talk shows, he speaks about the impact of the Internet on society, the economy, politics and culture. Man-Machine, his weekly column on Spiegel Online, addresses the digital world. His community blog “Riesenmaschine. de” earned Lobo the 2006 Grimme Online Award. In late 2012, he published a book entitled Internet—Boon or Bane?