DGP Session

Perfume in Everyday Life

15:00 – 16:30 | Thursday, Main Auditorium
Perfume in Everyday Life:
An Interactive Programme for the Value Chain Fragrances – Perfumes – Products
Dr. Wolfgang Krause,
Dr. Anneliese Wilsch-Irrgang
The Power of Fragrances Dr. Patrick Hehn
(isi GmbH)

In his presentation, Dr Hehn will elucidate various aspects of the effects of fragrances.
Basic scent effects: How do fragrance preferences arise? How do pleasant scents affect our emotions, and how, in turn, can positive emotions influence our thoughts and behaviour?
Fragrance effects in marketing: Curious applications of fragrance in marketing, memory effects of fragrances and product fragrances.
Social effects of fragrances: Fragrances affect feelings of sympathy, how odours affect social interaction.

DGP Treff

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Champagne reception, Thursday, 16:30:
At the end of the DGP Session, all members of the German Society of
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