Formal Address

11:30 – 13:00 | Thursday, Main Auditorium
Global Consumption – Growth, Decline, Change
DE | Dr. Gregor Gysi
(Member of the Bundestag)

Born in Berlin, Gregor Gysi studied Law and received a doctorate in Law. He was a central figure in the German Democratic Republic.
One of the few free lawyers from 1971 onwards, Gysi defended dissidents and would-be emigrants. On 4th November 1989, Gregor Gysi addressed half a million people at the legendary mass rally in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. Following the reunification of Germany, Gysi has played a major role in political life in the Federal Republic of Germany. Since 1990, apart from a short break, he has been a Member of the German Parliament.
His eloquence and rhetorical talent quickly established him as the enfant terrible of the German parliamentary system, but also a figurehead of the Left, a media star and a welcome guest on talk shows. Gysi has authored numerous publications and received an award from the Association of German Language Speechwriters as the best orator in the 2013 general election campaign.