Wednesday: Program

Main Auditorium

European Detergents Conference

Main Auditorium, Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Chair: Dieter Boeckh, Thomas Gassenmeier
Time Title Speaker
10:00 >> Microbial Synthesis of
Mannosylerythriol- and Cellobioselipids
Dr.-Ing. Susanne Zibek
(Fraunhofer Institute, Germany)

10:30 >> Enzyme Reactions in Microemulsions Prof. Thomas Hellweg
(University of Bielefeld, Germany)

11:00 >> Assessment of Biotechnological Processes towards Biobased Surfactants Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schörken
(TH Köln, Germany)

11:30 Coffee Break

11:45 >> Antimicrobial Textiles in Hospital
and Care Sector – Effectiveness
and Benefits in Use
Prof. Dr. Dirk Höfer
(Hohenstein Institute, Germany)
12:15 >> Application of Surfactants
in Medical Industry

Dr. Rumen Krastev
(University of Tübingen, Germany)
12:45 >> Short Introduction of Scientific Posters by Authors

Chair: Dirk Bockmühl, Birgit Glüsen
Time Title Speaker
14:30 >> Gelled Complex Fluids –
Combining Unique Structures with Mechanical Stability
Prof. Dr. Cosima Stubenrauch
(University of Stuttgart, Germany)

15:00 Presentation of
GDCh Division Group Awards:

Young Academics Award with Oral Presentation of the Winner
Dr. Dieter Boeckh
(Chairman of the GDCh Division of Detergency and Formulations)
15:30 >> Analysis of Microbial Communities Relevant to Laundry & Home Care

Prof. Dr. Markus Egert
(Furtwangen University, Germany)
16:00 Coffee Break

16:15 >> Colloidal Surfactants:
Synthesis, Properties and Relevance
for Technical Applications
Dr. Andre Gröschel
(University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
16:45 >> Impact of Charged Polysaccharides
on Oppositely Charged Surfactants –
New Insights into a Structure-Property Relationship
Philipp Buchold
(Technical University Berlin, Germany)
17:05 >> Shear Induced Transformation of
Polymer-Rich Lamellar Phases to
Micron Sized Vesicles Investigated
by Small Angle Scattering
Sören Großkopf
(University of Bielefeld, Germany)
17:25 Break

17:30 General Meeting of the GDCh Division
of Detergency and Formulations

17:45 >> Scientific Poster Session
with Authors



Hall 2

Forum for Innovations

Hall 2, Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Chair: Ralf Kuschnereit
Time Title Speaker
10:00 >> Hair restoration that lasts Dr. Sabine Nienstedt
(Momentive Performance
Materials GmbH)

10:15 >> Novel active polymer for hair care Jeannine Uschmann

Programmed hair bio-printing from
the first generation of plant peptides
Karsten Lingen
(mani GmbH)

10:45 >> ERYLITE® erythritol –
A new tool for shampoo innovation
Felix Weiher

11:00 >> New microproteins
for natural hair rejuvenation
Guadalupe Pellon Diego
(BASF Personal Care & Nutrition GmbH)

11:15 >> Styling Hair – Naturally Dr. Tom Castle

11:30 Coffee Break
11:45 >> Rheostyl 85 L –
A breakthrough rheology modifier for naturally preserved cleansing products
Benoit Gautier
(Coatex SAS / Arkema Group)

12:00 >> Concepts for actives –
Where innovation meets tried
and true classics
Viktoria Klassen
(Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH)

12:15 >> EMOGREEN™ –
Innovative biodegradable emollients
Anna Mommeja

12:30 >> The diversity of thickening agents: Performances, qualities and interactions Dr. Carsten Dietz

12:45 >> Formulating emulsions containing electrolytes & particulates using a novel polymer for personal care application Anne Thomasson

Chair: Dr. Ute Slotta
Time Title Speaker
14:30 >> A natural emollient for skin care Nuria Marimon
(Kao Chemicals Europe)

14:45 >> Pollution protection –
Models for assessing efficacy
of hair care ingredients
Dr. Xin Qu
(Ashland Inc.)

15:00 >> Silicones as materials with potential
to reduce pollution particle adhesion
on skin
Jean-Luc Garaud
(Dow Corning)

15:15 >> How to fight the consequences
of pollution on skin?
Caroline Marlier

15:30 >> Skin Care: New polyurethane-
based shielding technology
against external aggressors
Melanie Dick
(Covestro AG)

15:45 >> Ward off pollutants from the skin Ralf Gantner
(Lipotec SAU)

16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 >> Sensory kaleidoscope –
Making skin feel visible
Julia Sauer
(Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH)

16:30 >> From consumers to concepts Caroline Ploton

16:45 >> Beraca’s benefit sharing program – Example on the Beracare BBA
bio-behenic active
Daniela Azevedo

18:00 Annual General Assembly SEPAWA


Hall 3

Forum for Innovations

Hall 3, Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Chair: Astrid Wulfinghoff
Time Title Speaker
10:00 >> Coacervates in Iselux® sulfate-free cleansers give excellent dilution-deposition conditioning Dr. Tony Gough
(Innospec Ltd)

10:15 >> Maximize performance, minimize components with NINOL CAA:
A green ingredient to re-think your hygiene formulations
Lucie Maisonneuve
(Stepan Europe)

10:30 >> Polyaldo™ 10-1-CC:
The best of both worlds
Michael Lützeler
(Lonza Ltd.)

10:45 >> The anti-pollution effect of phyto-
chemicals isolated from cedar buds
Ute Wollenweber
(Gattefosse Deutschland GmbH)

11:00 >> Enzymatic surfactants synthesis
and their formulation in facial cleanser
Matthieu Ramette

11:15 >> Anti-pollution –
protecting hair and skin against
negative environmental influences
Ute Slotta
(AMSilk GmbH)

11:30 Coffee Break
11:45 >> The next generation of anti-ageing:
sulfur-containing actives
Britta Arendes
(Active Concepts Srl)

12:00 >> Nature know how: plant cell technology
to combat IR and UV induced photoaging
Hagen Döring
(Provital S.A.)

12:15 Lecture cancelled
12:30 >> NEUROVITY® –
A breakthrough for the anti-aging world
Maud Chapis
(Laboratoires Expanscience)

12:45 >> Collagen synthesis in skin –
Managing rather than boosting
Barbara Obermayer

Chair: Stephan Telge
Time Title Speaker
14:30 >> Sustainable way to develop algae
extracts for cosmetics: Polysiphonia elongata, a powerful spring of youth
Dr. Lilia Heider

14:45 >> Dextralip ® 10C – a medium size polysaccharide targeting anti-aging markers such as Cyclin D1, TP63 and GADD45α Olivier Paquatte

15:00 >> Validating sustainability of ingredients Chris Sayner

15:15 >> Bicowhite multi-target delivery
system: An integrated approach
to eliminate dark spot
PhD Lucyanna Barbosa Barros
(Bicosome SL)

15:30 >> WorléeAqua Nail – The simple way
to create outstanding water-based
nail polishes
Sascha Mertens

15:45 >> A mild solvent
for removing nail polish
Dr. Isabelle Léonard

16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 >> Boosting the booster –
dermosoft® OM
Ralf Kuschnereit
(Dr. Straetmans GmbH)

16:30 >> Influence of the oil phase composition of cosmetic formulations on the efficacy of preservatives and antimicrobial stabilizers Anne Gückel
(Schülke & Mayr GmbH)

16:45 >> Anti-microbial boosters –
water solubleCHG (Cyclohexyl glycerin) & NHG (Hexy glycerin)
Yasuhiro Tsushima, Zarth Hayate