63rd SEPAWA Congress and
12th European Detergents Conference
12th – 14th October 2016
Esperanto Hotel, Fulda

The 63rd SEPAWA Congress was held in conjunction with the 12th European Detergents Conference (EDC) in Fulda. The number of participants increased this year to over 2500 from more than 42 countries. In the exhibition section, products and services were offered by 244 exhibitors.

The lecture program offered with a total of 38 lectures a broad range of comprehensive information covering issues on surfactants and detergents on a scientific basis with the 12th European Detergents Conference as well as on practical applications with the Sessions of Detergents and Cosmetics. The subject of sustainability of detergents was jointly presented by the German Chemists Society (GDCh/HAD) and the SEPAWA specialists Group Legislation, Environment and Consumer (LUV).

The cosmetic subjects with lectures about protection of skin and hair from negative envi­ronmental influences were presented by the SEPAWA Specialist Group Cosmetic Applications and Technology (CAT) and the German Society for Scientific and Applied Cosmetics (DGK). Themed “Perfume in Everyday Life”, the German Society of Perfumers (DGP) presented an interactive program for the value-added chain from fragrances over perfumes to consumer products.

In the SEPAWA Forum for Innovations, 68 short lectures were presented in the field of deter­gents and cosmetics.

The adjacent trade exhibition was highly frequented, and exhibitors enjoyed 2 ½ busy days of client discussions. To be able to offer more exhibition space, the next SEPAWA Congress will take place in Berlin at the Estrel Congress and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area, which is up to 50% bigger than originally, has already almost been fully booked by the end of this year’s event.

SEPAWA Junior Scientists’ Award

The annually sponsored SEPAWA Junior Scientists’ Award is one of the prior activities of the association and serves the recognition of qualified young upcoming generations. The prize is given to students of excellent final qualifications for master and bachelor theses as well as for outstanding doctorate theses. From the submitted theses the jury selected eight prizewinners.

In the category of outstanding master theses, three prizes were awarded. The first prize was conferred to Miriam Simon, Technical University Berlin, for her thesis on “Investigation of the interactions of polyelectrolytes with charged microemulsion droplets”. The second prize was conferred to Lorena Bechthold, University of Hamburg, for her thesis on “Investigations of dynamic vibration behaviour of pigmented and naturally aged human hair”, and the third prize was conferred to Lisa Nahrwold, University of Hamburg, for her thesis on “Investigations of the correlation of the ammonia quantities in the skin and of the concentration of urocanic acid in the stratum corneum”.

In the category of outstanding bachelor theses, three prizes were awarded. The first prize was conferred to Saskia Wucher, University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe, for her thesis on the “Influence of emollients on the sensory of cosmetic emulsions”. The second prize was conferred to Laura Rehberg, University of Applied Sciences Rhein-Waal, for her thesis on “Isolation and characterization of antibiotic-resistant pathogens of washing and dish washing machines” and the third prize was conferred to Mine Kaya, Fraunhofer Institute Potsdam-Golm, for her thesis on “Production and investigation of surfactant stabilized emulsions”.

Two prizes were given for excellent doctorate theses. One prize was given to Dr. Anne-Kathrin Thom, for her doctorate thesis acquired at the Bergische University of Wuppertal on “Investigations on the optimisation of hydrogenation processes for the production of fatty alcohols” and to Dr. Thomas Lukowicz, for his doctorate thesis acquired at the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Lille, France, on “Synergistic solubilisation of fragrances in binary surfactant systems”.

Foto: © www.katrinheyer.de

Photo: SEPAWA Junior Scientists’ Award

SEPAWA Innovation Award

Innovations are the key to growth and to competitiveness and an important pillar for our economy. Creating something entirely new is an important precondition to compete successfully in the global market. This year for the fourth time, the SEPAWA Innovation Award from the areas of cosmetic, detergents and perfumery was awarded to three prizewinners. The prize is supposed to generate impulses for an active management of ideas in the member companies of SEPAWA. A neutral independent jury comprising of six members from the scientific board of SEPAWA and the Chairman of SEPAWA selected three prize winners.

The first prize was awarded to the company Givaudan, which was received by Caroline Marlier and Orphelie Bourgon for the innovative active ingredient “Vegetan™ Gold – the first eco-friendly and oil-soluble self-tanner”. Vegetan Gold offers formulators the possibility to design innovative, crystal transparent self-tanning formulas. These formulas show a perfect and uniform spreading on skin and not the “drop or stripe” effects of water formulas. This sustainable new active is compatible with sun filters and other oil-soluble ingredients. It offers a global solution for the next generation of self-tanning products.

The second prize was awarded to the company Evonik Industries in Hanau, which was accepted by Xialon Lang and Dr. Dirk Kuppert for the technological innovation “REWOFERM® – a naturally mild and powerful biosurfactant”. With this product, Evonik offers a sustainable biosurfactant on a commercial scale. The fermentation takes place involving no genetic engineering and using fully renewable raw materials. Sophorolipide are compatible with other detergent ingredients possessing a good application profile.

The third prize was awarded to the company DKHS GmbH in Hamburg, which was accepted by Cesar Saez and Olivier Patricola for the product innovation “ExpertGel® – a smart thickening agent”. ExpertGel is a thermosensitive polymer. The product is liquid at room temperature and gels at higher temperatures and in contact with the skin. By the application of ExpertGel, a higher opacity at lower pigment concentrations and a suitable sun protection factor despite a reduction of filter concentration can be achieved, thus resulting in a distinct cost-saving.

Foto: © www.katrinheyer.de

Photo: SEPAWA Innovation Award

Young Researcher Awards of the GDCh Division of Detergency and Formulations

Two Young Researcher Prizes were awarded by the GDCh Division of Detergency and Formulations during the European Detergents Conference in the area of basic research of laundry and cleaning detergents. The prizes were awarded to Dr. Leonardo Chiappisi, Technical University of Berlin, Institute Laue Langevin, for his scientific work of “Ionic co-assembly in mixtures of polysaccharides and surfactants” and to Dr. Anne Waidelich, University of Durham, for her scientific work of “Enzyme activity in bicontinuous microemulsions”, by which the first-time application of the enzymatic catalysis in a non-conventional medium has succeeded.


Foto: © www.katrinheyer.de

Photo: Young Researcher Award of the GDCh Division of Detergency and Formulations

Special highlights at the SEPAWA Congress

Dr. Gregor Gysi: „Global Consumption – Growth, Decline, Change“

A packed hall expected Dr. Gregor Gysi for his key note address on “Global con­sump­tion”. With great entertaining value he highlighted the imbalance of global means to consume. His clear credo: we must overcome egoism and close the growing gap between rich and poor, if we seriously want to conquer some of the world’s burning issues.

Sascha Lobo: „How the Internet has Changed Society – and What it Means for FMCG“

Sascha Lobo explained, how the digital transformation influences the purchase behavior and leads to a platform capitalism. Value creation migrates to the digital sphere. Digital dialog with the client is important and needs real and valuable content. The challenge for every entrepreneur now is not to fight digital transformation, but to proactively shape it.

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